Hand dyed and quilted pouch … more shibori

A new style of pouch
A new style of pouch

Some of the fascination of hand dying cloth is that it pretty difficult and virtually impossible to really predict what you will get at the end of the process.   Temperature, fabric type affects how the dye takes… you can use various techniques to pattern the cloth such as shibori techniques… folding… clamping… stitching …. tying…

Pretty shibori pouch with wavy quilted lines
Pretty shibori pouch with wavy quilted lines

leaving alone… and whilst all of that might give you some control I’ve come to believe that it is all illusion.   Or perhaps something of an illusion of control.  The fascination with dyeing cloth is the unpredictability of the results.

The cloth that this pouch has been made out of was folded, pleated and knotted actually to produce this patterning.  The colour was a soft green that I mixed myself.  I like the way mixed dyes can split giving glimpses of both the colour you wanted and the individual colours that make it up.

The other side... different patterning in the colour... makes it so pretty!
The other side… different patterning in the colour… makes it so pretty!

I love the way this piece of fabric turned out.  Pretty soft green with glimpses of the yellow and tiny hints of blue that made up the dye bath.  Although this was one piece of cotton fabric the dyeing looks a little different on the front panel to the back panel but I think that that just emphasises the charm of a hand dyed piece.  It is definitely one of a kind and unique.  Even using the same mixed colour, the same cloth, the same folding techniques the cloth is unlikely to turn out this way again.  That’s the fascination of such fabric … what will happen this time I empty out the spent dye… wash it clear and wait for the patterning to be revealed.  Wow!  It’s always so exciting.

My chickens watch with amazement when the fabric pieces get hung out on the washing line… just joking I don’t they care either way.

This pouch has been quilted with wavy lines in a variegated green thread and has a dark green binding at the top by the zip and a dark green base.  This sets of the colours beautifully I think.  Inside it’s lined with a lovely printed cotton and is softly padded making it feel nice and plush in your hands.

Lined inside with a pretty printed cotton fabric.
Lined inside with a pretty printed cotton fabric.

It’s a slightly different style of pouch for me to make but it is one that I really like.  What do you think?


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