More Pouches ….

This post is going to be a little picture heavy…

Shibori dyed cotton fabric in blue
Shibori dyed cotton fabric in blue

This zippered pouch is made using my own hand dyed cotton fabric using a tied and bound shibori method.  The patterning across the fabric is as gorgeous as always.  I never cease to be excited by it.  There is a little wiggly lined quilting on the front and the back to emphasise the pattern.  I’ve used a variegated thread which seemed to be appropriate with the dye  flowing from darker to lighter blues across the fabric surface,  It has a black cotton binding at the top and the base of the bag is also made out of a black cotton.  It’s interlined and interfaced as always to give it a nice structure.

Wristlet in black
Hand dyed cloth made into a wristlet bag with detachable strap handle.
The other side of the wristlet bag.

This another hand dyed fabric wristlet with detachable handle. I used a black dye for this and the patterning goes from deepest black through some very pretty greys. I love this way of patterning the cloth. Again the quilting is in wiggly lines which seems to suit this patterning well I think.

The patterning on the front and the reverse of the bag differs slightly as even though the cloth is dyed as one piece the dye doesn’t pattern the fabric uniformly.  I love that.  If you want things to be uniform then I guess factory produced goods would be the thing.  That’s not me. Those aren’t the things I like.  The quilting in these pieces are what tie the designs together and the rest is all about patterning texture and unique pieces to be loved and treasured.

The top band is in black cotton fabric as is the strap handle.  There is nothing ordinary about this smart little chap and it’s definitely unique.

They’re both for sale in Gone To Earth Shop.


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