A Fabric Sale

I’m pretty keen to empty out the shelves a little.  Too much other stuff going just now and I need the space.  Perhaps you need the fabric ? Fabric sale

Pretty fabric
Lots of different gorgeous cotton fabrics

There are lots of gorgeous fabrics at a much reduced price and what with Christmas coming (I can’t believe I said that), the nights drawing in and with the children being back at school.  You could perhaps fit in a little ‘you’ time with the sewing machine.

So, take a look you might be pleasantly surprised and I know that you wouldn’t want to miss out.


A Fabric Sale

Hi there,

Spring is on it’s way….

(I hope you don’t mind the gratuitous picture of a butterfly… but I’m desperate for the warmer, sunnier days of spring to arrive … it is stitched so it’s kind of relevant 🙂 )

But things to do so down to business… springtime is traditionally a time for Spring cleaning… sweeping out the old and welcoming in the new so I thought I’d have a bit of a spring sale to tidy things up a bit around here.

 30% Discount on Fabric Sale


So, for the next week… that’s from today the 31st March until the 5th of April if you use this code: CGLYHDQUTOAB  (I’m sorry that’s a bit of a typing feat but I recommend that you definitely use any cut and paste option your computer, tablet, phone offers you.), you will receive a 30% discount on any fabrics you choose to buy.

I have tested it out to make sure everything works as I think it should but you never know… so if you have any difficulties at all then please just contact me through the shops email address.

There’s a lot of other stuff going around here so please stay in touch.